About Destination Credit Spa

Destination Credit Spa is a credit consulting company that offers a wide range of credit improvement services. We have a team of experts qualified in the fields of banking, credit restoration and law. We are ready, willing and able to assist you in removing negative inaccurate information from your credit reports, increase your credit scores and eliminate outstanding debts.
CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY offers a wide range of credit consulting services including:
  • Premier Credit Restoration Process
  • Legally Dispute Negative Items
  • Identity Theft
  • Budget Planning Services
  • Credit Report Correction
  • MUCH MORE!!!
Listening to our customers made us successful...
To become a leader in the highly competitive credit restoration industry, a company must deliver excellence in all areas. The personnel must be committed to customer service, be accessible and courteous, and have an extensive knowledge about the credit laws. The restoration process must be extensive.

The pricing must be competitive. To remain a leader, the company must continuously improve and change.

The staff must be provided additional education and training. Customer feedback must be encouraged and acted upon. Innovative strategies must be developed and implemented.

Computer technology must remain state-of-the-art. The management team must bring innovations from other industries and consistently increase their standards, always expecting more every day.
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